Praise for Marketing Untangld!

"Most new entrepreneurs in this digital age feel overwhelmed with all there is to master in building a business. One could rightfully say that the landscape has changed and it is a jungle out there! Finally someone has cleverly and concisely demystified marketing jargon and drawn a clear, easy to follow map to navigate your way to success. Thoranna's Marketing Untangled is an essential starting point for strategically planning your start-up jungle safari!"

 ~ Dr. Andrea Pennington, Creator of Brand Who You Really Are: Hollywood's Media Success System and co-author of Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness


"Thoranna's X-factor the nerdiest-branding-genius "par excellence" is here in full action. Her contagious passion shines through as she makes the concept of marketing actually accessible and understandable. A must read for any small business owner who seeks their business to excel."

~ Runa Magnus, the Inspirational Personal Branding Speaker and Strategist, author of the book BRANDING YOUR X-FACTOR -


"Who would have thought I would ever say that reading books on marketing is fun? Well at least it is when they are written by Thoranna. In this book Thoranna gives a jargon-free practical and easy to follow advice for people like me - and you. The mystery and fog that has always surrounded marketing in my mind has lifted is now clear and interesting - and fun to apply to my own business! I´m looking forward to get the next book by Thoranna."

~ Herdis Pala, MBA, Author, Speaker and Business Consultant -
- Ridding the world of grumpy old people by sharpening your success, in work and life


"Can absolutely recommend this book for anyone who wants to know what marketing is all about. Marketing put forward in a simple and easy to understand manner and in a language anyone can understand."

~ Edda Sólveig Gísladóttir, MSc International Marketing, Manager Kapall Marketing Consultancy


"Being a marketing academic, it is sometimes a bit relieving to read books such as this one.  No attempt is done to reinvent the wheel but basic marketing is made accessible.  The book is straight to the point and uses understandable language.  Some might actually find the language a bit too close to a street talk but it does show how confident the author is in explaining marketing in easy to understand terms. Furthermore, the author is unafraid to attack sensitive issues like for example stating bluntly that not all customers are good for the business." 

~ Fridrik R. Larsen, BBA, BS, MSC, Ph.D., CEO and owner of Larsen Energy Branding, Assistant professor at University of Iceland, President of The Icelandic Marketing Association


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